Where Third World poverty and Joel Osteen tweets collide

A website exposing the Christless, gospel-less, fortune cookie-esque, “therapeutic moralistic deism”of Joel Osteen’s ministry, manifested by one of many sources: his Twitter feed. Joel’s blend of quasi-“name it and claim it/prosperity” theology is ruinous. It’s not good news to the poor, the disenfranchised, the desperate, the sick and the struggling.

Rather it is enslaving. It is mocking. It is damning. And it must be exposed for the false gospel it is.


Any question, comments and concerns can be sent to Dustin Germain

Email: germain.dustin [at]gmail.com

Twitter: @paperhymn

Website:  Pulpitandpen.org


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Using dying and suffering children to prove your point is one of the sickest things I have come across online. It so disturbs me as you claim to follow Jesus – I expect this of Hamas but have never met any believers who think such activity is righteous. These photos should drive you to tears.


  2. David Cottrell: Have you actually taken the time to READ this holy book to find out the truth about this god you hold in such high esteem? Raping, killing, looting, pillaging, child-murdering, slavery, etc…It’s all there, in black and white, for all of this god’s followers to see and behold. And don’t try to use the tired argument of “You are taking it out of context”, because words mean things. Either this god did those things, sanctioned them, and commanded them, or it didn’t. As for the other tired argument of “That was the old covenant; we live under the new covenant now,” ummm…..Jesus stated himself that he came to fulfill the law, not to abolish it. He also stated that god is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    To point out Osteen’s foolish outlook, and to show how absurd it is by applying it to those who are the least able to enact upon it, is sheer genius, and better yet, theologically honest. He is a con man that makes his millions by feeding into people’s desires to hear what makes them happy. That god is nowhere to be found in the holy scriptures followed by so many.


  3. “Christiany” – you know, like ‘chocolatey’ or ‘cheesy’ – you can just smell the pandering fakery to high, well, heavens. It’s a processed belief product specifically intended to help make you feel good without having to do any actual work of faith. Just call one of his friendly representatives, and have your credit card ready. He’ll do the big man’s good work for you. There, now – don’t you feel better? And as far as using starving children to support an ideology – the holy ‘Mother’ Teresa of Calcutta built her legacy on it. Instead of using the donations to actually HELP the poor, she pimped out their images to pump cash into her pet projects, like fighting against abortion, contraception, and divorce, and claiming AIDS to be “just retribution for improper sexual conduct”.
    Just another cash drunk monster/mobster “MOMster” in lamb’s clothing.


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